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Riverfall is an indie pop-rock band with roots in Talsi, Riga, Bauska (Latvia), and Solihull (England). The band’s songs are a result of a creative journey, so they sound like someone’s favorite playlist played in a shuffled order – rock, rap, electronic music and romantic pop.

Band members: Jānis Uplejs (vocals, guitar), Kaiva Anna Upleja (vocals, keys) and Adam Collett (bass).

The name of the band was created for the first concert, so that the band could be announced. Kaiva and Janis Upleji decided to play with the English translation of their last name, resulting in “Riverfall” (because “Riverdown” was already taken by other search results on Google).

The first singles released by the band are “No divām dzīvēm viena” (2018) and “Melnā vārna“ (2018), but the actual number of songs is about 20, and those can be heard at various concerts and events. 

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